Ice Breakers

  • Did you collect anything as a kid? What was it?
  • Tell us about a time you recently encountered peer pressure (toward good or bad). How did you respond?

  • Closing: did you have a childhood celebrity crush? Who was it?

Discussion Questions

Carter described Submission as:

  • a gentle deference that is based on respect for God, not necessarily the other person.
  • a worshipful desire to prioritize helping others to get their win.

What do you like about this and what is challenging about it?

Closer: When do you feel most awkward?


  • Is the signage outside?
  • Is the entryway clear?
  • Is the bathroom clean?
  • Is the coffee ready?
  • Is the kids area ready?
  • Did we do a tech check?

Need help?

Midweek, feel free to reach out to Carter. If you’re having tech issues on a Sunday, call or text Melissa at 847-220-0070. You can also let Melissa know if you need more supplies (ie. masks).