Meet the Leaders

Why Fierce Kids?

Children are discovering the world around them and making decisions now, about what they will believe for the rest of their lives. At the earliest age possible we want to begin to help them know, experience and ultimately


Toddlers and young children begin to hear and learn about the love of Jesus in a fun environment.

Who Are Fierce Kids Volunteers?

This is YOU!  Our children’s ministry is comprised of every day people that are dedicated to Bringin’ It! Yep – they’re stirred up about loving kids and teaching them about Christ. This is a team of ordinary people, passionate about their Lord, equipped to lead kids to Jesus.

Interested in volunteering?
Join our team in five easy steps!

Step 2

Stop by and get a first look!

Step 3

Shadow a volunteer to see what it would be like!

Step 4

Come to a new volunteer orientation!

Step 5

Serve for the first time!

Welcome Back Training Videos

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